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Debt Relief Clearing House

A short tale in which the truth about the debt relief clearing house is revealed to the wizard's apprentice.

Debt Relief Clearing House - The Quest, It Goes On And On And On And On Forever!

Tom Starker asks about the Debt Relief Clearing House.

The Wizard sat in front of his magical portal, his fingers resting on the things he called "keys." Tom Starker, now his apprentice, was eagerly reading about potions when a thought occurred to him. This was not rare anymore, as Tom had grown quickly since the credit card debt relief incident.

"Great Wizard? I hear some speak of a debt relief clearing house. What is such a place? What does it do?"

The wizard pulled his glasses off and smiled. "Ah, the debt relief clearing house! Where did you hear of this place?"

"Whilst I was out a-wandering with Deidre. She is most fair of all the ladies in the village."

"That she is, my son. She spoke of the debt relief clearing house?" The Wizard's head tilted, catlike.

"Oh, aye. She said it was a great place and I questioned her about its location. She was very coy, saying that I no longer needed the debt relief clearing house, since we had placed my finances in order and you were paying me more than I knew what to do with."

"She is correct. I may, in fact, give thou too much money, but I know it's being spent sensibly. No, thou will not need the debt relief clearing house, Tom. It's a place for the desperate and vagabond. The debt relief clearing house will gather all your information and put it in their giant "mega-abacus," allowing their system to sort out the total amount owed and what have you. They then will work with yon creditors to provide you a clear pay plan."

"Oh, Wizard! I am so glad I do not need the debt relief clearing house! Now, let us grab an ale. And they did. And it was most good.

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