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Debt Relief

Gaaron Shields seeks out debt relief in the Cave of A Thousand Bloody Horrors

Seeking Debt Relief - The Debt Relief Quest Continues!

Gaaron stood outside the cave. The cold wind whipped at his thin leather hood and snow gathered around his ankles. He had been there for three hours at this point, unmoving, staring into the inky blackness. He would enter the cave soon, seeking out the debt relief that had been his calling. For years, Gaaron had spent unwisely and now he was paying - the Cave Of A Thousand Bloody Horrors would be his gateway to financial freedom, if he lived.

The First Chamber

Gaaron made camp the first night. His companions had all either died or retreated back to the safety of the village at the base of the mountain, leaving him alone. The gloominess of the cave surrounded him like an ebon blanket. He made a small fire using the spark sticks the Wizard had given him and sat, looking into the fire, contemplating the debt relief that would come to him. His spending had been futile, trying to make up for small intelligence and a scar that had been given by the midwife's pincers on his birth-day. But he knew that if he sought out debt relief, many of his problems would disappear. The night passed uneventfully, which was unusual for the Cave Of A Thousand Bloody Horrors. Gaaron's senses told him this would not be the case forever.

The Second Chamber

It was while the spikes were coming down on him from either side that Gaaron realized that he had possibly made a mistake by going to the cave and seeking out the treasure within rather than talking to the Wizard about debt relief options available in the village. Gaaron quickly realized that the stout staff that had been carried by the now-departed mage would work perfectly. Without thought, he jammed it into the tracks on which the spiked walls slid, causing the system to jam. He soon found a way out through a hidden panel and crawled into...

The Third Chamber

The prize was there. He could reach out and touch it. However, something was holding him back. "If I grab this now, will this mean that I will have debt relief going forward? Will my spending change? What can I do that won't involve risking my life?"

Gaaron paused. That's when he made a decision. He turned away from the prize.

"No! Riches now are not debt relief! I will spend the money there and waste it quickly, leaving me in the same situation as before. I will go back to the village and ask the Wizard about debt relief."

Gaaron was a much smarter man after that.

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